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How to search better

Following advices and tips brings methods how to obtain better search results on LP3 Family tree site.
First note : the search is performed on person's names and places of birth, death (search on years will be soon available as well)
Second note : we are using full-text search, case insensitive, it's irelevant whether you're using diacritic marks or not, and at this time, the minimal length of search word for full-text is 4 chars. Anyhow, if you need to search for names like 'Ann', or places like 'Ely', you can, but without any criteria (operators) described below, just use simple list of words.
It is possible to increase relevance, using search criteria (we mention only the most used) :

I cannot log in

Some utilities can be run only when javascript and cookies are allowed. Already the login process is based on these elements. Anyhow it may happen that you see error or warning message that tells about things you don't understand. Don't worry and try to refresh (F5, or refresh button) the page or just click login again.

Blank page is displayed after I click on some link

It may happen, that the communication with server or database is interrupted. We suggest to press 'F5' or click 'Refresh' button in your browser. If nothing still happens, press 'Back' button.

When I click link (e.g. 'edit name') nothing happens

In that case try to repeat the click. Sometimes the action (click) is not properly catched by the browser and we need to confirm our request.

My tree is broken, I cannot see relations with some of my relatives even if I added them

First remember!! As we are using 2D model for displaying our family trees, we found the best solution in showing either all parents and all their parents from chosen person, or showing all children and all their children from chosen person. Therefore it's not possible to see cousins, or even sib when the chosen person is her/his sib.

My tree is crashed, it's stretched out on many pages, shortly mess!!

There is a known bug on Mozilla(v.2), when the tree reachs the fifth and higher level up (to past). The alignment of the tree is lost and the whole tree lose its correct structure. For that reason, please use zoom in/out tool for 'UP' orientation. This error is under investigating and will be hopefully soon fixed.

How can I print my trees??

Due to different properties and ways how every browser prepares the print of a document from internet, we tried to create compromise and offer more possibilities of printing the trees. The facts for each tested browser are described below :

Mozilla Firefox/Netscape/Flock :Internet Explorer/Opera :
General : How to print : click the link 'print tree' (in 'preview' page), or press together Ctrl+P, or File>Print
Note :We suggest to print larger trees as a landscape; how to change the print format : in dialog Print>Properties>tab Paper>Orientation

It's not possible to send invitation to some relatives

Some e-mail service providers may treat invitation email as a spam and filter it automatically out, so your relative or friend doesn't get any message. Anyhow, it is working correctly at least with : Gmail, Hotmail, Centrum, Seznam.