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ELP is a freelance web-developing project with main interest in open-source, Web 2.0 technologies. With respect to W3C and clean code, with ideals to make our life easier, but not spent in front of monitors, welcome!

iGall generator

iGall generator, is an application for creating custom image galleries, photo albums or product catalogs. No programming skills necessary. Copy & paste into personal web page only. Registration needed!

It is a quite robust Javascript tool (therefore Javascript has to enabled), using JSON format and few AJAX requests. Backend database is running on MySQL and server-side scripting language is PHP. HTML layout combines XHTML and CSS standards.

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LP3 - Family trees

LP3 - Family trees, is basically space for creating family trees and storing information about our ancestors. The ideal is to offer enviroment for meetings, searching never seen relatives, such a family zone. It is a sort of social community space, where every user has own profile, can restrict access of other users to private data, etc. Therefore it is possible to create private family groups. Part of Family trees is internal e-mail service, full-text search in all persons, and of course possibility to print family trees. Registration needed!

LP3 - Family trees, is genealogy project with specific hierarchical data structure model. As every child has two parents and the variety of human relations is so wide, let's call it database application, in the first place. Family trees are running on MySQL DB, services are powered by PHP. Strong connection to Javascript and AJAX calls, as well as XHTML and CSS standard offers Web 2.0 comfort. But the design...??!

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Rube Goldberg's Stock Checker

Rube Goldberg's Stock Checker is a small tool for monitoring stock quotes prices. All added stock quotes in the list are periodically checked and updated. The order in the list shows also the order of the calls and can be changed by drag&drop feature. Every stock quote offers one-day chart diagram. This demo version accepts only one user, so don't get confused if something is happening without your control...

Rube Goldberg's Stock Checker is lightweight AJAX tool, using remote calls to get latest stock prices, basic charts and additional report about actual ticker symbol. All in one page. Backend is MySQL DB and PHP. Frontend is working with Javascript, XHTML and CSS. Sortable list is supported by Scriptaculous library, thanks.

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